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Fire news

 Once again, my town is on fire.

Fire jumps aqueduct, heads toward Palmdale homes
July 30, 2010 | 3:19 pm

We are all fine, but a couple of my friends in the Rancho Vista area had to be evacuated.

More pics here.

Hundreds descend upon downtown L.A., one of some 150 cities worldwide observing International Pillow Fight Day. The loosely coordinated events were part of the so-called urban playground movement.

By Mike Anton
April 4, 2010

For more of the story...

Pershing Square was one of the stops along my commute when I took the train to L.A. This was on the subway portion of the ride.

Angels Flight rides again

Closed since 2001, the short railway reopens as downtown's bridge to the past, future.

By Cara Mia DiMassa and Hector Becerra
March 15, 2010 | 5:34 p.m.

The orange and black funicular cars of Angels Flight still displayed their customary rattle and shake as they climbed the 298-foot tracks up Bunker Hill on Monday, maintaining the feel familiar to generations of Angelenos who have ridden "the smallest railway in the world."

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I decided to include this here because I'm thinking of making this a California-centric journal. I don't commute as much but I still like to keep up with California news and entertainment. This is x-posted at elektra_lyte...

So they had a premiere of Star Trek in L.A. and the entire cast, including Zach and Zoe were there. I thought about going down there (I live about 65 miles away). It's not like I'm working right now or anything (unemployment-grrrr!). I did however, find pics and videos of the event. Check it out...

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I'm tired of snow...

Another freeway closure. sigh

AP News Article


Winter Wonderland

Julz got his snow day after all. The principal threw in the towel after the freeway closures. It didn't stop snowing until 4am this morning. We got something like 32" of snow here in the desert, although I hear Las Vegas set a snow record too. Julz, hunter_23 and I had to go out and knock snow off the trees to keep them from breaking. California trees don't like the snow too much.

Julz and hunter_23 are making like American Gothic. Hurry up and take the durn picture already!

Miss Q decided to build a snowman.


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ONOZ! Snow!

This was x-posted from my regular journal from yesterday.

Hey kidz, it's snowing here! To those of you who live in more northern-ish climes, it might not seem like a big deal but here in southern California it's pretty whacky. I live in the high desert which means it only snows once every two-three years. It happens in the early morning and the snow usually melts away by lunch time. That's because the average temp in the winter is 55°f (98°f in the summer). This morning however, it started snowing and hasn't stop.

It started at 7am:



This is the backyard at 9am:




Julz has vigorously cursed that fact that he didn't get a snow day from school. (boo hoo I said). I lived in Alaska when I was his age and school didn't close until the temp dropped to -40°F. That's right, 40 freakin' degrees below zero! And I walked to school every day too ('cuz I always missed the bus).