My So-Cal'd Commute

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My So-Cal'd Commute

Like many angelenos I spend a lot of time in my car. Sometimes I feel like I interact more with my Chevy than I do with the people in my life. I often wonder if it's the same for other people. I mean, I may spend an average of four hours a day (round trip) on the road. I know people who spend more.

Want to know a secret? As much as I hate commuting, there's a part of me that loves it too. I'd like you to share your experiences, both positive and negative.
I welcome your input but there are a few rules. Please read them before your post or comment.

1. Be polite, respect other people's opinions. Keep the flames/abuse off the community.
2. Sometimes we need to vent but salty language should be put behind an lj-cut (check out the FAQ if you don't know how to do one).
3. Artwork and photos are allowed, but anything with mature content should be clearly labelled and put behind an lj-cut.
4. Please stay on topic. All posts should have to do with traffic, drive time or commuting. If you have any questions, run them by me, first (my email has been provided). If you want to advertise anything, please contact me for permission, first.
5. If you have any problems with a post, comment, or another member, please email the moderator.
6. How was your drive?

Anyway, welcome to my partly a pseudo-scientific research project/art project/forum bloggy thing...

How was your drive?
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